Laptops Keep Yours From Thieves

According to very recent studies taken across a widespread business network over 12,000 laptops are lost / stolen every week by the average business traveler. This is a staggering amount of thefts so when traveling on business tries to remember the following information before considering what information technology to take and what information you require taking with you.

For example, I use a world book which I know I can securely log into, so I keep most of the files on this and only tap into them when required knowing I have access where ever I am in the world very useful. Before taking a business trip i make sure all essential data is stored on this as a backup. Can you imagine turning up to a meeting and saying oops my laptop was nicked and having nothing to show potential customers.

You have to consider in this day and age that border patrol and immigration may ask to access your data before allowing you to come into their country. The following is a step by step guide as some of the essential things to do before taking data on a business trip.

Take your laptop on as hand luggage only be very careful as in today's world there are a number of airlines that specify only a 5Kg hand luggage stipulation. This would be very bad if you are asked to put your laptop in the hold as the chance of seeing it again is slim. As this can be taken away from you without you seeing who has done it.

Only take the information that you require on your trip if you need documents considering having them sent by courier as this puts the responsibility on them to deliver on time as a backup. Also make sure you have a back up on a key drive as this is very small and be kept with you all the time.

Always keep an eye on your laptop bag it's best to have it where it is leaving on you all the time as this would make it very hard for you to be distracted and taken from you at the same time. By having physical contact with your laptop bag you will find thieves will move on to easier targets.

If you are going to use your laptop in public remember there are a lot of people who like to surf surf regardless if it is looking over your shoulder to a read a paper or look at what your information on a laptop screen. When you leave a hotel room always make a final check to make sure you have taken all essential papers with you also be careful what papers and documents you may have put it in the bin of a hotel.

Remember to store your laptop in the hotel safe when not going to be in use remembering that hotel rooms are very unsafe areas to leave any expensive items not just laptops. Do not use open wireless networks if your company data is deemed confidential being careful with wireless networks is very important as major thieves target any area where there are unsecured or easily cracked passwords like at major hotels and airports.

Be careful who you are in conversation with and who you share business cards and phone numbers with as these can be used as a distraction to take you away from your laptop or hotel room. Have a check list of all the people who will be affected if you lose your laptop and the other essential data on your system including any passwords and logins that are essential for business.

Be careful on business trips people are out there to take advantage of you, do not underestimate thieves and the methods they will use to distract you and take your goods.