Nokia Laptop – Changing Lifestyle

Forget about bulky laptops. You can afford to forget about slim laptops as well. Nokia laptop is here and it is here to stay. Nokia has finally expanded from cell phones to laptops. With the launch of new booklet, Nokia has finally entered the market of laptops. There are many distinct features in this net book. For gadget lovers, it is important for me to mention here that this net book comes with a sleek 10 inch display screen along with pre installed Windows 7. Nokia laptop has brought much required change in the field of technology. This product does not require a SIM card. This simply means that the user of this net book can use any of the networks available. Apart from this, there are many more benefits one can enjoy by being an owner of this booklet. With the help of this product, Nokia has once again provided that they work for the benefit of people. This product is easily portable and can be used like a cell phone. It can be correctly said that new Nokia note book is like a mix of a cell phone and a laptop.

Nokia laptop comes with an amazing battery life and world class design. For people who will initially own them, they will gather a lot of attraction. Why would someone need a computer or a separate laptop when you can carry one in your pocket? This product is no doubt the best launched product in year 2010 till date. It has got WiFi, 3.5G data support and GPS technology. Other features in this product are video call camera, memory card reader and HD video output. All these features together make Nokia note book the best product to buy at this point of time. Wait has come to an end.