Illuminzer – The Mineral Makeup Essential

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Mineral makeup has seen a resurgence in the beauty world. Women have discovered that less is more and that makeup can be healthy for them. Mineral makeup has become a beauty essential. One aspect that has gained popularity is the mineral illuminizer.

What makes mineral makeup different?

Mineral makeup is created using natural minerals from the earth. The most common ingredients are serecite mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxide and zinc oxide. The minerals are crushed and made into powders that are used all over the body.

Mineral makeup is healthy for the skin. The powdered minerals melt into the skin and become one. They are not harmful to the skin and do not clog the pores like some cosmetics can do. Mineral makeup is lightweight so you do not feel like you are wearing a mask.

That's all the good stuff. Mineral makeup is not boring either. These minerals have a variety of colors thanks to the iron oxides they contain. You can find the same beautiful exciting colors that traditional makeup has to offer.


If you've never heard of illuminizers you might not be alone. They are similar to bronzers. Bronzers are used to give your skin a tanned look without the benefit of the sun. Over time, the sun's rays damage the skin and can create all sorts of problems not the least of which is skin cancer.

With mineral bronzers, you just apply them to the areas that you want to appear tanned and go on your way. That includes your shoulders, legs and arms. The minerals meld with your skin so there is no streaking to give away your secret.

Illuminizers have another job. Ever see those scenes in movies where the woman is supposed to look ethereal? Her face has a soft glow that makes her look both sensual and otherworldly at the same time? You can have that look if you want with illuminizers.

The minerals found in illuminizers are the same healthy high quality ones found in other mineral products:

o Titanium oxide
o Iron oxide
o Mica

The colors are softer than your bronzers, thanks to the iron oxides. Illuminizers reflect light instead of adding shimmer (like bronzers) which bathes your face in that glow we talked about above. Your skin will appear radiant and fine lines and wrinkles disappear. Dull skin gets a boost when illuminating minerals are applied.

How do you apply illuminizers?

Illuminizers can be applied over your makeup like a finishing powder. Once your makeup has set, brush on a light dusting of illuminizer mineral powder. The result is a softer more natural hue to your face. It's like you only better. Illuminizers can be applied all over your face for a lasting youthful look.

Illuminizers are the best kept secret in the mineral makeup world. Not only are these minerals healthy for your skin but they can create any look that you want for your face and body. Get healthy and gorgeous with an illuminating finish.

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