Simple Things You Can Do to Reduce Your Electricity Bill at Home

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If you have been overwhelmed by the large, and growing ever larger, electricity bills you have been getting, it is time to take some definite steps towards relief. You can reduce or even eliminate your electricity bills by following some of these simple steps. Read on and we'll even show you how to install your own solar panels for less than the cost of an evening out!

This article will focus on some of the easiest things you can do to make a huge impact on your monthly electric usage.

Let's begin our investigation!

Limit use of appliances in uninhabited spaces. Let's assume the phone rings. You step out of the room to get it, knowing you'll be back in 5 minutes. Do you turn the lights in the room you are leaving? What about the TV? Maybe you should! Small energy eaters such as these add up to the largest contributors on electric bills every month!

Make smart investments in your home. Make good home energy decisions by replacing your incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs. These bulbs are a great power-saving investments and can save $ 100's over the span of just a few years!

Buy the Power Save or Power Reducer unit. This device helps monitor the power supply to your house and uses the minimum that is needed. The device can typically be purchased from your local power company and it's exact name will differ from market to market.

Smart appliance usage. Most of us complain that the electric bill is so high simply because of the sheer number of appliances we have at home. However, the electric bill has nothing to do with the number of appliances you have, but rather how you use them !. Here are some ways you can avoid wasting power:

o Run the washing machine only when full, and use the cold water settings other otherwise necessary.
o Keep the washer on for the minimal amount of time.
o Watch your air conditioning settings. Keep it set as neutral as possible, avoiding temperature extremes. Invest in a programmable, digital thermostat.
o Switch off the computer monitor when not in use, or upgrade to an auto-off or power saving model.

Make your home a green home. What we mean is explore the use of renewable energy such as solar power. In many cases, solar energy kits can be built and installed for your home for as little as $ 200 and may even entitle you to a $ 2000 government tax credit. Few people realize that solar panels are very simple to build and install, and can actually make a fun "green weekend" project for your family.

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