Themes to Consider for a Fabulous Hen Party

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Themes can add excitement and color to any party. That is why some hens choose to have a set theme for their hen party too. After all, a theme gives the whole group an excuse to dress up especially for that occasion.

Now, for hen party organizers that need ideas, here are some of the more popular hen party themes that a lot of hens have chosen for their own celebration. There are themes that are rather wild and those that will not even require fancy dresses.


The Disco theme will definitely get everyone in the mood to groove that night and dance the night away. Dressing up in 70s fashion can be a lot of fun. All the girls can just wear platform shoes, floral attire, bell bottom pants, and they’re set for a night of disco fiasco.

The whole venue will be very colorful too as one can just add psychedelic colored decorations and a disco ball, of course. A good light and sound system will complete the party’s setup.


Until now, the L-plate theme continues to be one of the most popular hen party themes. That is probably because it is so easy to dress up and set up for this particular theme. The only thing hens actually need are L-plate badges on their outfits. They can practically wear whatever they want.

What’s more, there are a lot of other hen party accessories for this theme. There are head boppers, bride-to-be veil sets, and other accessories that are made for this theme.

Sex and the City

Based on the television show with the same name, this theme is popular among hens that wish to look absolutely gorgeous during their hen night. All of the girls on Sex and the City look stylish and elegant which is why hens can just dress to kill for the party.

Fans of the show will definitely enjoy dressing up as Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, or Charlotte for the night. They just have to take their pick.


Feel like beauty queens for the evening with a sash theme. The theme will just require everyone in the group to wear satin sashes. Usually, the person’s role is printed on the sash. So, the bride-to-be, maid of honor, bridesmaids, mother-of-the-bride, etc. can have those titles printed on their sashes.

This theme is perfect for those that do not really wish to wear actual costumes for the party. It is a safe choice. Still, the sash theme can be a lot of fun if everyone’s willing to wear them for the evening.

Themed parties are a lot more fun than non-themed parties because it allows everyone to get creative. So, choose a theme and plan for that party!

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