Sundarban National Park

Sunderban National Park is located at the Southern tip of West Bengal. The dense forest of Sunderban has a vast range of natural Flora and Fauna. It got its name from one of the mangrove plants known as Sundari. It is the largest Tiger Reserve and National Park in India.

Sundarban, home of Royal Bengal Tigers is the place to feel the essence of spirituality. The best time to visit Sunderban Park is the time between October and March. It is easy to get there through all means of transport. The place that owes its name to Sundari trees, consist of large flora population like Genwa, Dhundal, Passur, Garjan and Kankra. The land is split by numerous rivers and water channels.

Sundarban National Park consist

Wildlife in Sunderban: Sundarban Park is rich of Wildlife. Tiger is the main attraction of Sundarban. Beside Tigers you can also find Gangtic dolphin, little porpoise, fishing cat, Indian fox, jungle cat, small, Indian, civet, common gray mongoose, spotted deer, wild pig, Indian flying fox, rhesus monkey and pangolin. The aqua fauna of Sundarban includes variety of fishes, red Fiddler Crabs and Hermit Crabs.

Birding in Sunderban: There are around 248 bird species found in Sunderban. It is a big breeding ground for heron, egret, cormorant, fishing eagle, white-bellied sea eagle, seagull, tern and kingfisher. The Nature is fantastic for Bird watching in the month of September to March.

Worth Seeing Places: Sajnakhali Santuary, Netidhopani, Bhagabatpur, Kanak, Kaikhali, Piyali are the beautiful tourist spots in Sunderban area. Haliday Island is famous as last retest of Barking Dear in India. These evergreen mangrove forests pulsate with a myriad form of life. The land over here is simply attractive and beautiful.