Creating Private Space in a Studio Apartment

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An adorable little studio apartment sounds pretty nice right now. With the economy diving while energy rates rise, these small apartments are beginning to become popular again. However, along with this revived popularity comes re-decorating problems. A studio apartment is possibly one of the most difficult spaces to decorate. The open floor plan eliminates the option of multiple decorating themes so you must either find one theme that can be transported through the apartment or create multiple spaces that are distinct from one another. Multiple spaces are an option preferred by many as this allows more privacy and also allows for a more lively combination of color schemes.

Create private spaces in a studio apartment by dividing the room with large furniture, beaded curtains, or privacy screens. Beaded curtains work well in areas where privacy is desired less than separation. Use this division between the areas you will use as living room and dining room. This will create art as well as separation.

Once you have successfully divided your room into rooms, you may now begin decorating. Book shelves and chests can be used to create separation, storage, and create a focal point. Large furnishings like couch and beds will do this as well. You will need to create a focal point in each area so that it actually appears to be its own room.

Area rugs can help give definition to a makeshift room as well. Place a large area rug in the center of each area you wish to develop into a room. This area rug will establish a perimeter for the room and begin your decorating theme. Decide on what colors you will use in the room before buying the area rug. This will allow you to use the area rug as a blending tool to make the room feel complete.

Lighting is as important to these "rooms" as separation. Concentrate on lamp light rather than ceiling light so that you do not invade the privacy of those in other areas. Use reflective furnishings to keep areas from being to dark and hang many mirrors. This will help to control the light in the room as well as making it seem larger.

Another way to make your room seem larger is to use dual purpose furnishings. You probably do not have room for a guest bedroom so be sure to have a pullout couch. Also baskets or hat boxes can be used as storage and art. Wicker clothing hampers are a wonderful way to store things also and make great end tables.

Because of the simple design of studio apartments you can divide your room into any type of floor plan. This means you have unlimited options when choosing decor and color schemes. When selecting your design think about the way you will use the area, how much light will be needed, and who will use the area most. This will help you pick not just the color scheme, but also the furnishings and focal point. Be creative and allow those who will use the room most to participate in the decorating. This will create a personal haven that will feel more private to others than something with only your style, no matter how tasteful your style may be.