The Best Carry On Luggage for Today's Weary Traveler

We live in a very mobile society, everyone is on the move, young and old alike. With the world transforming into a smaller and smaller planet with the growing global economy; and with the number of seniors growing exponentially with the world's aging population; and with the hectic schedules of today's modern families, more and more children are flying at a much younger age; the invention of the Walkin 'Bag, could not have made a more timely entrance into the world of travel!

Almost 40 years ago wheels were placed on luggage … now with the new Walkin 'Bag we have a built-in seat / desk. What will be next, sometimes an automated voice command system or maybe even a teleportation device? All joking next, the new Walkin 'Bag Jetcart Wheeled Laptop Tote with Seat is the latest great invention for the transportation industry and makes getting around a whole lot easier!

My brother-n-law David travels the world as an engineer / salesman for an electric hand dryer company and he is a huge fan of the Walkin 'Bag. He spends hours in airports, so he is very grateful to have the Walkin 'Bag seat available wherever he goes. Not only great as a means to rest his weary "dogs" but also a very handy desk for his mobile office, as he sees more time on the road than in his plush Chicago office. He also has to cart around a couple of hand dryers, so the lightness and agility of the bag are additional features he really loves.

My mother is close to 80 years old and has a hard time getting around, so the Walkin 'Bag is not only the perfect carry-on luggage for her it also doubles as her weekly shopping bag. Although the grocery store is only a half a mile away, without the ability to sit and rest along the way, the four blocks would be an impossible journey for her to complete.

Finally I have two young sons, and while they would be perfectly happy to sprawl their bodies across the airport floor while we are waiting in line, as a mother I am thrilled to have a device that allows them to sit like proper young gentleman while keeping their clothes clean too.

Weighing in at just 6 lbs., With 2 "swivel glide wheels, a detachable frame, fold down seat, water bottle pocket, patented curve handle system (that will support weight up to 250 lbs.) And collapsible front laptop pocket, the new Walkin 'Bag's is the perfect companion for today's weary traveler … and the most amazing part, it falls under most airline's size requirements for carry-on luggage, so this luggage / chair / desk assemblage will never have to leave your side.