How to Increase Your Laptop's Battery Life for Longer Use

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Although many people ignore it, the battery life is one of the most important parts of your laptop, unless you use your notebook for non-portable purposes. The average life of a notebook battery is between two and three hours. Unfortunately, most batteries do not even stand for their minimum reference.

When I bought my laptop, they said that the battery will stand for three to four hours, but it actually stands for much less … What am I supposed to do?

While testing their battery life, most companies are trying to avoid loading high performance on their CPU, HDD and graphics memory, while you are using a huge part of your resources. You could always think about saving some battery life. Here are some effective tips on how to increase your battery life while not charging:

Dim your screen – You can always turn down the brightness of your screen, depending on the light in your room.

Turn down the volume – The volume needs a lot of energy. Turn it down if you are not using an external device with independent battery / charger.

Turn off unused laptop features – For example Bluetooth, or Wireless if you are currently not connected to the internet.

Turn off unused applications and processes – End the background applications that are not in use at the moment. You can monitor the resource usage of all running processes through the "Task Manager" – Ctrl + Shift + Esc. .

Also, if you are not connected to the internet, you can feel free to shut down or temporary disable your firewall / anti-virus software.

Schedule Windows updates – While trying to save a battery life, it is not the best time to update your windows. Run these updates when you are charging your battery.

Another big mistake that laptop users always assume is charging the laptop even when its battery is full. Remember: It is recommended to unplug your charger when your battery is full. By this way the battery will get more "training" on its consummation.

What is the difference between sleep and hibernate?

While your laptop is "sleeping", your display and hard drive are turn off. Currently running applications are stored in your RAM, while in hibernation, the applications data is saved to your hard drive. So, use the hibernate mode instead of sleep, because in hibernate mode, your laptop is completely using no power. You may have noticed that in sleep mode your laptop can be woken accidentally, which is another advantage of the hibernate mode.

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