Slip Cover Materials

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Slipcovers are stitched from fabric and fitted on existing upholstery of furniture to prevent it from getting worn out faster. It may also add a new look to the room at quite affordable rates.

Choice of fabric depends on utility of particular pieces of furniture. Here, if a slipcover is being used for a place like a truck seat then it has to be rugged and resilient. Design and softness of fabric are redundant in such a case. Fabrics such as denim, chintz, linen in dark colors would have the obvious choice for normal household furniture.

Certain slipcovers have strictly decorative purposes. Materials used for decorative slip covers need to have more style, beauty, with designs that are attractive to the eye. Slipcovers in beautiful lace, satin and silks are ideally used for an opulent look. Sofas, ottomans, duvets and such designer furniture may have slip covers made of such fabrics.

Tough and strong material such as denim, linen and such material are recommended as slipcover for furniture that is used by kids. Children manage to rough up and stain material that decreases its longevity.

Cotton and linen material is mostly used for slipcovers that are inexpensive. They come in numerous pale or solid colors that are not generally available in any other fabric or material. It has the effect of making the room look cool and summery or subtle. Such fabrics also add appeal and allure to a room.

Wrinkle free fabric is being widely used to make slip covers. It is wrinkle free and gives a tight fit on the existing furnishing. Such fabric may be rated to avoid stains and allows liquids to slide over. Such materials stretch over furniture to fit the contours of furniture pieces. They seem to be custom fitted and are available at much less cost.