Flight Game Simulator (The Sky is the Limit!)

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Learning how to fly with a flight game simulator will test your limits and extend your boundaries. You will enter the world of flight where the sky is your limit and the world is at the click of your finger tip control buttons.

Do you just want to have fun with a more serious game without endless noise, bad language, and violence? If so, a flight game simulator is for you. You can choose from a big fleet of aircraft, depending on your purpose – commercial, commuter, or combat if you wish.

You probably want to begin in a small plane like a Cessna and then move up to something bigger and bulkier. A good flight simulation game will offer many aircraft of many different types including helicopters and gliders.

A flight game simulator worth its salt allows you to network and fly with your friends or other pilots through connection to a common server. It enables you to connect multiple instances of the program or connect two or more computers running the flight game simulator and use their displays to expand your viewing area.

Once you master the basics skills of flight simulation, which happens quite quickly, you will start feeling like an experienced pilot and you will want to have more control over your flight scenarios and destinations. So you want a flight simulator game that uses open source software as well. This enables you to tweak or completely reprogram and redesign flight controls, control responses, and graphics such as airports and planes to suit yourself.

Open source also means that the game is in continuous development, so you will be getting regular upgrades and improvements. Open source also indicates that the producer of the flight game simulator is as interested in maximizing the potential of their game as you are, which is why they have made it open to all interested parties.

The latest flight game simulators are exceptional in reproducing scenery, landmarks, and weather. They have overcome the processing limitations that kept console-based flight simulators so simple. Scenery is based on real maps and the topography includes all the landmarks and infrastructure as well as the peaks, lakes and rivers.

Night flying includes ground lighting from urban areas and car headlights on major highways. Weather can be programmed in live from the airport near you, or you can create your own, and the view outside constantly updates as your flight progresses.

A flight game simulator provides a real-world feeling with realistically produced effects from thousands of airports worldwide. For instance, if your local airport has a slight slope on its main runway you will feel that when you are starting your plane for take-off. Or if you change your airport from one side of the world to the other your game flight will immediately change from day to night, or vice versa.

All in all the entire flight and the entire skyline you transit are such an experience that you will want to return again and again. This is how the passion for flying develops in us all.