Learning Zebra Scooter

The Learning Zebra Scooter is one of those toys that has come to be a both a blessing and a good investment for every mom and dad raising toddlers who are making their baby steps to experience this big crazy world. It’s not just an entertaining toy but is also an effective aid to a child’s development during this highly sensitive stage. This colorful scooter is an all-around toy that’s fit for every growing child. It keeps them entertained as they unconsciously learn some of the most important lessons of their young lives.

The Learning Zebra Scooter is unlike any other scooter available in the market. It is perfect for an 18 month old child and older, as it can be used as a push-walker to hold him up and assist him while he is learning how to walk on his own. Once the child reaches 24 months and more, this amazing grow-with-me toy can be converted into a ride-on-roller to help him with his balance and carry his own weight more effectively. Finally, when the child becomes 36 months old and older, he can have lots of fun with this toy by using it as a stand-on-scooter.

Development and fun with the Learning Zebra Scooter does not end there. It is also an interactive toy equipped with five light-up battery-powered buttons that can open the eyes of a young child to the wonders of colors and animals. It can even help him develop his dexterity and motor skills. It also features electronic horn buttons exuding different and interesting sounds that will surely tickle every child’s imagination. Should the songs and noises coming from the toy become suddenly annoying to adults, there is a volume control on the side so as not to compromise the kid’s learning and enjoyment.

Although it is packed with these impressive elements, the quality of this unique toy is further amplified by the durable material with which it is made. It has a sturdy base to support a child’s weight and ensure his safety. Its flashy light-up mane is matched with a brightly colored basket filled with accessories such as a flashlight, walkie-talkie and compass that promises dynamic and fun-filled activities for babies. It is made with lightweight plastic to make its transfer easy and worry-free. Only a small amount of effort is needed to assemble the Learning Zebra Scooter so preparing it should also pose no problem for moms, dads and nannies. Rest assured that this item is well-made and is proven to live up to its reputation of giving long-lasting fun and learning for every adorable son, daughter, nephew, niece or grandchild.

This three-in-one toy is guaranteed to grow with its child-owner as it aids in the improvement of his physical and mental abilities. It is not like other toys whose utility are satiated after several months, sometimes weeks, of playtime. With all these amazing features, the Learning Zebra Scooter is definitely the best toy that money can buy. Get one now and give a beloved little one a grand learning experience!