"Celebrity-Spotting"- a Holiday, Not a Hobby

The evolving face of travel in the 21st century has seen the traditional package holiday take a backseat in the hearts and minds of holiday-goers. Instead, it has given way to the concept of the “themed vacation” – from Aztec tours in Central America to Lord of the Rings themed trips to New Zealand. But, in today’s celebrity-obsessed world, one themed break is rising quickly through the ranks: the idea of the “celebrity-spotting” getaway.

Indulging in a bit of celebrity-spotting on your holiday is a great way to inject some excitement into your lifestyle. And don’t think that Los Angeles is the only city in which you’ll be able to rub shoulders with the rich and famous – many world hotels and resorts that are frequented by high profile celebrities or sportspeople are now instantly recognisable.

For instance, Barbados is arguably one of the world’s best locations for sighting celebs. Legendary musicians like Mick Jagger and Sting are regular visitors to the island, while Tiger Woods decided he liked Barbados so much he chose it as the location for his wedding. Moreover, with stunning white sands, palm trees and crystal clear blue waters, Barbados gives any holidaymaker the opportunity to feel like a star.

Dubai has also gained popularity as a new tourist destination, amongst both celebrities and their erstwhile fans. With year-round sunshine, unparalleled opportunities for shopping and a stunning architectural landscape, Dubai has played host in the recent past to a range of stars, from Hollywood A-listers to European football clubs. The Jumeirah Beach Hotel, one of Dubai’s premier destinations, has seen the likes of Ben Stiller, Jessica Alba and the Liverpool Football Club walk through its doors. What’s more, the city strives to cultivate a very high-class lifestyle for all its residents and visitors; so finding a 5-star hotel in Dubai in which to indulge in starry-eyed sightings is unlikely to be difficult.

Though seen by many as past its heyday, the French Riviera still holds some weight in the celebrity holiday stakes. Seen as the playground of the Jet Set in the 1950s and 1960s, France’s celebrated Cote d’Azur was popular with the likes of Brigitte Bardot and Jean-Paul Sartre before being populated by the playboys of Monte Carlo and the nouveau-riche. But take a trip to the French Riviera in the summertime and you’ll still be able to revel in some celebrity-sightings. Head towards St Tropez’s booming nightclubs or visit Cannes during its infamous film festival, and the rewards are sure to be huge.

So whether you’re planning to scour the streets of Las Vegas in the hope of a fleeting glance of George Clooney, or you’re hoping to devour all the delights of Madrid with the intention of setting eyes on the England football teams’ dedicated WAGs, it’s clear that celebrity-spotting need no longer be just a hobby. In fact, it’s a fantastic idea for a holiday – one that’s sure to add endless glamour and sophistication to your travels.