Midlife Crisis – Being Familiar With the 6 Stages of Midlife Crisis

If you are in your younger years, you are for sure not yet aware or very much particular with what people call as midlife crisis. For clearer explanation, midlife crisis is that point in a person's life when emotional transition takes place. This usually occurs to individuals who are in their late 40s or 50s. In normal situations, some people can accept the changes happening to them at this point in their life, but this is not applicable to all. Because in reality, there are those individuals who find it middle age crisis as a very challenging situation wherein they can experience feelings of depression and other negative emotion; for their guidance, this article will point out the 6 stages most people would go through before they come out of that middle age crisis situation.

1st – The Denial Stage

The first among the stages of midlife crisis consequences is the denial stage. It is that point in life when the sufferer is not able to accept that they are no longer young. They keep on doing things that they feel can make them fit in with the younger generation prompting them to go under the knife for cosmetic surgeries if this can be the solution that can help vanish the physical signs of aging starting to creep into their skin. You can observe women and men who are dressing up in a fashion that is not appropriate for their age; clearly indicating that they are showing the usual signs and symptoms of dealing with middle age crisis.

2nd – The Anger Stage

Because of being trapped in the state of denial, feelings of anger manifested by assertiveness and hostility tend to come out. It may reach to the extent that they can even offend and hurt the feelings of others within their circle. Being caught up in this situation puts them at the greater risk of being vulnerable to illicit behaviors specifically with relationship that are not bounded by morality.

3rd – The Replay Stage

Men are most commonly trapped in this stage because they want to get away from the reality that they are getting older and their youngger days of vivaciousness and vitality are not how it was anymore. This makes them eager to join younger broods in their drinking sessions and other fun activities. Worst case scenario is when they become too carefree that they end up falling for foolish relationships like extra marital affairs or having different partners, which can be the cause of broken homes and shattered family lives.

4th – The Stage of Depression

Individuals suffering from midlife crisis symptoms end up with feelings of fright causing them to create a big distance from people who are trying to interfere and be more inquisitive. They would hesitate and turn away when someone approaches them to discuss about this problem. They end up shunning away from others, thinking that they can manage the situation they are in.

5th – The Withdrawal Stage

This stage is actually just an extension of the stage wherein the sufferer is depressed and desires to be alone most of the time. The best way to help them cope with this is to give them the space that they want until they are ready to come out from their sanctuary. At this point, this person is trying to sort out many things and needs more space wherein they can contemplate on a lot of things that they have done thought about the crisis state they are trying to pass up with.

And finally, the stage of Acceptance wherein they are now fully ready to accept everything that they have been through without any territories; these marks a more positive change in their life. Now, they are more broad-minded individuals who are totally prepared to face life with a new and more optimistic point of view.