The US Silver Coin – A Historic Investment

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Coin collecting is a very popular hobby among many, and involves collecting legally mented currency from all over the globe. The most worn out coins are those that were only in circulation for a short period of time, and are usually mined with especially beautiful or historical pictures. A US silver coin is a great addition to any coin collection, and is one of the most treasured varieties of coins in the world.

The US silver coin is most widely known for the undering message issued on many of them, ranging from stern warnings to messages of hope and everlasting peace. The face of our beloved "liberty" is also commonly seen on the US silver coin, usually with an olive branch and a protective shield. The American eagle is also popular among silver pieces, usually holding the olive branch for peace and a set of arrows representing war.

Many coin collectors were amazed by the time and effort put into each US silver coin, which actually leads to them no longer being in circulation and a very hard item to come by. Because the silver coins were only in circulation for a short period of time, the supply has declined at a very alarming rate and made the US silver coin one of the rarest coins to have in a coin collection.

The Morgan Silver Dollar is one of the most thoughtful out coins in the US silver coin collection, and is considered one of the most beautiful of all United States coins. They were minted back in the late 1800s, and even after 100 years are still considered the King of all United States coins that have ever been in circulation. It is a coin that shows the detailed excellence put into each piece of money, and also shows long term profit potential in the hot coin collecting market.

The silver market offers collectors and investors a wide variety to choose from, since silver was used for several pieces that were put into circulation. Dimes, quarters, and half dollars dated prior to 1965 were mined out of 90% fine silver, and many pieces in circulation condition are readily available. They are typically sold in bags with a face value of $ 1000, with 2,000 half dollars, 4,000 quarters, or 10,000 dimes in each bag.

Bags containing coins in uncirculated condition, meaning in almost perfect condition, carry a higher value per bag than those in circulation condition. Bags that contain coins with the same date are also valued higher than those with different dates, with the 1964 Kennedy half dollar being the most popular and expensive uncirculated US silver coin.

The most widely collected coins in the world are the US silver dollars, especially those minted between 1878 and 1904 or 1921 to 1935. They are nicknamed cartwheels, and come in two different designs. Like other silver coins of the same time, the silver dollars were mined of 90% pure silver and 10% copper. Each coin has a silver net content of 0.77344 ounce, with a bag weighing at least 50 ounces more than a bag of silver quarters, dimes, or half dollars.

Even those who are not devoted coin collectors like to invest in silver coins, because they are some of the most beautiful pieces of silver ever created. Both circulated and uncirculated pieces contain some of the most intricate and detailed designs, most of which are nothing compared to coin designs currently in circulation. A US silver coin is an amazing piece to add to any coin collection, or even a nice item to cherish by even those who are not into coin collecting.

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