Bagless or Bag Vacuum: Which One Do You Prefer?

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Which one do you like the best, bagless or bag vacuum cleaners? Have you used one more than the other? Are you still trying to decide between the two? This might not be a concern of yours, if you have never tried any other type of vacuum before. If you are somewhat on the fence when it comes to making a choice, use the following info to finally make a decision.

A Classic

If you have been cleaning your home for years, chances are you have been using the same type of cleaner for years. It’s going to be hard to change up your routine or equipment, especially if it gets the job done. This is why a lot of people still use vacuum that use bags. They have been around a long time and are considered to be reliable.

Much Easier

But, a lot of people won’t mind changing over if the product makes their cleaning duties a lot simpler. A lot of bagless cleaners possess a compartment that you can take out and empty the dirt. This is a lot simpler than having to put bags into the vacuum on a regular basis. The process is not hard at all. All you have to do is pull out the compartment and empty the contents once it is full to capacity. Since this little compartment is in a prominent area, it is easy to tell when it needs dumping.

Less Expensive

Putting bags into and taking them out of a bag vacuum can become very cumbersome. In addition, this whole process can turn very costly. Depending on how long your unit lasts, it can also become very hard to find new replacement bags for a model that has been discontinued. Replacements when you find them can be very expensive as well.

The one thing you will want to remember is that most bag less models what two filters. The first filter is located in the canister area and will need regular cleaning to insure your unit retains maximum sucking power. The second one is often over looked and is located where the air exits the unit. This one will not need cleaned as often, but over time can diminish your units sucking power.

In conclusion, you will find that there are both pros and cons when using bag and bagless vacuum cleaners. But, many consider the bagless vacuum cleaner less expensive to keep up and a lot easier to use. However, the decision is still yours.

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