VGA to S Video – Enjoy Output From Computers on Older Display Screens

VGA signals can be converted to S-Video, PAL, NTSC or SECAM using a vga to s video conversion device. Brightness and color signals can be separated by S-Video thereby maintaining the image quality and providing crisp and clear signals with resolutions of 600×480, 800×600, and 1024×768. This conversion device works with PC's, iMacs, Laptops, or desks with video cards that have the 15-pin HD connector and with displays that accept S-Video. Compact in size and compatible with most operating systems this unit works on the plug and play principle. A user only needs to connect the computers' VGA card output directly through the VGA input port of the converter whereas the output should be connected to the S-video connection of the display. Once connected, the vga to s video converter provides signals in a format which can be viewed on the television.

Requiring no additional software for operation, it is equipped with features which allow horizontal and vertical scaling, picture positioning, and brightness, sharpness and flicker control. Depending upon the requirement, video can be adjusted with the help of the above features. These converters have a zoom function which allows areas of the screen to be enlarged for special emphasis. Equipped with a menu control function to allow screen adjustments, and onboard buttons to for PAL / NTSC switching, the vga to s video converter can handle almost any refresh rate.

Certified by the FCC as well as CE, these devices can convert and transmit video to three outputs including, S-Video, Composite RCA and VGA additional viewing options. They can also display simultaneously on all three video outputs if necessary. In instances where PC signals need to be converted to standard video, these conversion devices are a popular choice.

Audio can be connected directly from your source device to your destination device because this device is used for personal entertainment or for making business presentations. By using the existing equipment, a user can enjoy output from the computer on big screens. Due to all these benefits, vga to s-video conversion device is a popular medium of connecting computers to televisions.