Plain T Shirts – Used For Screen Printing

Many of nowdays' successful and famous persons have started from small but challenging ideas on their ways up the ladder. Sometimes things you mostly enjoy can become such ideas. Is screen printing on plain t-shirts one of your hobbies? You can turn your hobby into a means of making money and create your own business.

There are two main methods of printing: screen printing and heat transfer method. Although the second one is more outspread, screen printing can prove much cheaper and much easier. Plus, you will not have excessive competition, as it is not such a regular business. The possibilities abound and it's up to you to make your choice. You can either take already existing stencils or you can design your own; you can even accept customers' designs and come up with unique items. You can choose just a certain product to print on, or you can come up with various other products or ideas. Think of the ages you turn to and what people's likings are.

The first befitting step would be using a screen and not buying a screen printing machine from the start. Even if it makes work go quicker, in order to purchase a machine, you should wait for your business to grow a bit first. When acquiring, your plain t-shirt printing machine does not have to be the most expensive. You can even buy a second hand one from people who no longer like it or use it – the result is good condition plus an appealing price.

When you begin, it might take you some time making screens, but only until you get used to it. One screen can last up to 30 prints. The process by which the printing machine works is pretty simple, as it is based on the carousel system. After the plain T-shirts are printed on, it takes about 40 seconds to be dried in a spot cure process.