Electronic Features With Board Games

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A number of board games have expanded themselves to make gaming even easier for all of its players. With handy electronic gadgets that now come with the games, players no longer need to worry about many of the smaller details which can hold them back from the game. These devices are designed to allow the maximum amount of freedom and ease when it comes to game play, putting even less pressure on the mechanisms of the game and more on the strategy that goes into winning the game.

One of the most popular electronic devices that is often implemented is the use of an electronic timer. Games that provide one of these allow players to not have to worry about watching the little sand timer that games used to provide. This allows the player to focus on the task at hand rather than to watch the timer, often providing critical seconds. Pictionary and Scattergories are both games which use timers and with an electronic device, more attention can be paid to playing the game.

Another fun electronic device that comes into play often is a buzzer. Taboo is one game that implements a buzzer, used to either signal when a player has stepped out of bounds, or when the round is over. During play with Taboo, one player from a team tries to make his or her teammates guess a certain word without saying other words on a list. One player from the other team monitors this player, to ensure that he or she does not say any of the forbidden words. If one of these words accidentally slips out, the buzzer is then heavily used.

Some classic games, however, have updated themselves to include electronic features. Monopoly now features an Electronic Banking edition, which eliminates all use of paper money, controlling the entire cash flow of the game through little computer given with the game board. Players are given debit cards on which their entire fortune is contained and the computer keeps track of each player's total amount. Properties and hotels are bought with the card, fines are paid, and money changes hands all with one swipe. This allows for a much quicker game and generally happier players all around.

The Game of Life is another classic game which has updated itself with exciting electronic features. A take-off from the original game, Life: Twists and Turns is an innovative take on the previous incarnation. Each player is given an electronic "Lifepod" at the beginning of the game which not only tabulates the number of "Life Points" that each player accumulates, but controls both the money of the player and even rolls the "dice" for them.

This game, like Electronic Banking Monopoly, does not rely on cash to get players through the game, but it provides them with debit cards which help each player control the money that comes in and out of their hands. It is quite an innovative take on the game that allows players more time with the game and less with the mechanics of making it run smoothly. With the way that innovation is redesigning the game industry, it is no surprise that these classic board games are finding new life with players.

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