Parrot Toys – Should I Buy Them?

Toys for your parrot are an essential part of its development. Store bought toys come in a variety of styles, shapes, colors and textures which add to the appeal of the parrot toy.

Unlike many other animals such as cats and dogs, parrots see in color so variations in color make the toy more enjoyable for the bird. Your parrot will enjoy an arrangement of different toys although it is not necessary to put a huge amount in the cage. One good idea that you could try is to rotate your toys at different intervals say every week or month so that there appears to be a constant variety of toys for the parrot to play with.

Recent research has found that birds enjoy and anticipating receiving new toys as much as they enjoy enjoying their fresh daily food. Another thing that you should consider is that some of your parrot toys will not last as long as others due to them being constantly bitten so you may want to take that into account when purchasing a toy.

One can purchase toys or play gyms for your parrot, or you could opt to have a go at making them yourself. Everyday objects like wooden clothes pegs or even your old ice block sticks will appeal to your feathery friend so do not be afraid to use a bit of imagination if you are short on cash. Empty plastic bottles with something inside them will keep your bird entertained for hours. Dried beans placed inside an old film canister will also rattle away giving the parrot endless hours of amusement.

You should also try and get some type of parrot toy that hangs on the inside of the cage as well, this is in addition to any other toys that you may have scattered inside the cage.

Do not be afraid to use your imagination if you are looking for a parrot toy and if you are unsure as to what is safe to use or not then your best would be to vast your local pet supply store and purchase one directly off the shelf.