Beauty Personalities – How to Determine What Makeup Look Describes You Best

Every woman has a beauty personality. Whatever you consider yourself a diva, an earth muffin or somewhere in between, you have a look that you are most comfortable with. The following descriptions and the tell tail signs for each category will help you determine which beauty personality best describes you.

Is your eye makeup an accessory to your wardrobe? If you select your eye shadow colors based on whatever you're wearing for the day then you are more than probably a fashion makeup personality. Most likely, you can not walk through a cosmetic department without stopping and you certainly can not pass by a Sephora without going in!

o You have a drawer full of various eye shadow colors in several brands.
o You have a large selection of shimmer products and lip glosses.
o You're known to wear false eyelashes on occasion or have lash extensions.
o You've purchased makeup on several occasions that you saw in a magazine.
o You have far more makeup brushes than you really need or use.

You always wear makeup even if it is minimal. If you are not wearing lipstick, you at least put on gloss and a little something on your eyes. You would not think of putting black eyeliner on your inner rims.

o All of your eyes shadows are mostly shades of brown.
o You have very little or no shimmer cosmetics.
o You usually have a powder compact in your purse.
o Your makeup drawer is very small.
o You only own a couple of makeup brushes.

Smoky eyes are your thing and your idea of ​​what's considered sexy would be the Pussycat Dolls. Former boys friends have requested that you wear less makeup. You know that smoky eyes look best with a flawless foundation.

o False eyelashes … Of course!
o Dark brown or black eye shadow is a given.
o You look good with a tan and have rocked the "J.Lo glo" look on occasion.
o You wear either dark or nude lips, depending on your mood.
o Your makeup bag is larger than some women's purses.

While you do not have to wear a full face of makeup, you do prefer to at least wear mascara and lip gloss. You prefer to be complimented on your beauty rather than your makeup.

o You avoid the sun and prefer your skin pale.
o You own several shades of rose and peach.
o You love the way blush gives you a fresh look.
o You rarely touch up your makeup through the day.
o You probably spend more on skin care than makeup.

You are very confident and beauty is your thing. Whether it has to do with hair, makeup, clothes or accessorizing, your style is on point. Family and friends ask your advice but they can not pull off your look. You know what works for you and know you look good.

o It's all about the cat eye look with wingy liner.
o Your eyesbrows are defined with brow pencil or you've had them tattooed.
o You wear lipstick more often than lip gloss.
o You've completely mastered the application of liquid eyeliner. Not an easy task!
o You love Drama in any form.

You claim that you can not be bothered wearing makeup. But the truth is that you're attractive and have great skin so it's just not necessary in order for you to like your own refection in the mirror.

o If wearing lip color, you select sheet nudes, or soft roses.
o You wear sheet foundation only for special occasions or when you get a breakout.
o When you decide to wear eye shadow, it's just a dab of color on the outer corners.
o You feel that mascara is not necessary on most days.
o Depending on your mood, your eyebrows are either natural or groomed and arched.