How To Plan Out The Best Water Garden For You

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Water garden is the latest new trend that has hit the gardening sector. Water gardens are a combination of ponds, waterfalls, fountains, rockwork, lighting, plants and exotic fish. All this in correct amounts adds to the beauty of your water garden. With so many different aspects that go into a water garden, customizing them to your taste should not be much of a problem. Moreover water gardens can be made to fit almost any budget range. Also the option of adding things later on is available. You can start off with just a pond or a fountain and then slowly add the other aspects to your water garden.

The most important decision you would have to take is the placement of your water garden. Make sure that you pick a place that gets as much sunlight as possible. Avoid places that have trees or bushes that shed their leaves. Else you will have to clean up the water garden quite often. As water gardens tend to have fishes and plants, sunlight is quite important. Whatever be it, never forget that water gardens do need maintenance to keep looking their best always.

If you are going to use aquatic plants in your pond, then make sure that you cover only half the pond with plants. Else getting to see the fishes would be almost impossible. There are some plants which can add oxygen to the water. Such plants can be planed around the edge of the pond along with a few flowering plants. This adds to the beauty of the pond. Also the oxygen will be essential to the fishes in the pond. The fishes also will keep your pond clean by eating the insects.

It is advisable to have a pond pump and filter. They tend to reduce the algae and insect problems that you are bound to face and also will keep the pond well oxygenated. Algae are the primary problem you will encounter in your water garden. Algae are often thought about when you feed the fish too much or when you over-fertilize your plants. So pay proper attention when you feed your plants and fish. You can also add some good water plants like water hyacinth, water violets and water crowfoot to keep your pond. But such plants also tend to reproduce fast. Here, regular cleaning and removal of these plants should be looked into.

Once the pond is setup, then you can go about getting a fountain installed either inside the pond or outside the pond. You can select a fountain that will suit the water garden. You can also have a small waterfall which ends in the pool. But do not have both, the waterfall and the fountain too close to each other. It will tend to nullify their effect. A good rockwork will also add beauty to your water garden. Proper lighting enhances the beauty of your water garden. Make sure that the fountain, waterfall are properly illuminated.

Do not forget that like all gardens even water gardens require maintenance and care. With a bit of care, your water garden would be one to cherish for years to come.