Can You Really Get a Free Laptop? The Truth About Laptop Giveaways

With millions of offers and promises regarding free laptops, it becomes quite tough to analyze the laptop giveaway mania that seems to have overtaken the frenzy of our people. While it is true that many have laptops in such giveaways, it is not even completely true that they are totally free. Here is what happens in such offers.

Ever since the first of the laptop giveaways began, millions of people have tried and very few have actually succeeded in getting some great stuff. Even though the sites promise that the laptops are free, it is not true true. Often, one has to go through a set of procedures in order to become eligible to receive the laptop.

The news coverage of such sites has only added more curiosity and marketing to such offers. Here is what they actually are:

To begin with, there are primarily two kinds of offers. One, where you complete surveys or complete offers to get the laptop for free. Two, where you subscribe to a monthly service like a mobile deal or a broadband connection to get the free laptop.

The former is quite common and the latter is catching up. But one thing is for sure: You can not get a free laptop ever.

In the first case, you are asked to signup and then complete some surveys or offers. These offers are usually in the range of $ 5- $ 10 per month, and you can cancel them at any time. In the second type you will have to subscribe for mobile deals – where you get a free mobile phone, a connection for a specific amount of money per month, mostly hundreds of minutes of free talktime and unlimited texts. They give away free laptops along and you can have them for life.

The latter is somewhat the most legitimate and trusted method because it is clearly a service based transaction where you pay and get a laptop for free as an addition.