Salsa Dance Clothing For Her

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Wearing the right clothing is extremely important if you are going to venture out into the world of salsa!

For women finding the right bra is a must. You need comfort, sex appeal and discreteness when wearing a bra that works well with your salsa dance dress but as well as with your routine. A great website that offers bras for dancers is

They offer the Futura Vision bra, which is very popular among salsa dancers.
The Futura Visione Bra – This bra is made with micro-fiber clear straps. The push-up bra has a clear transparent silicon back and adjustable invisible silicone straps. This is excellent for dancers because it adds comfort but hides the straps by matching them with the skin tone.

According to their website:

"The bra has under-wired air transpiring cups joined by" invisible "silicon strips.
Perfectly shaped hi-tech foam inside cups creates an unbelievably sexy push-up effect! Bras open on the side on 2 hooks, eyes in 2 rows. Because of clear "invisible" silicone strap on the back, the Visione style looks like a backless bra. But at the same time provides ultimate support without compromise! "

Dance, move and feel free!

These bras are made up of micro-holes on the padding of the cups which keeps sweat off of the skin allowing the skin to breathe, but also keeping the fabric smelling fresh.

Also check out []. This website offers fabric descriptions and characteristics which are extremely helpful when choosing your salsa dance outfits. It also lists the benefits of fabrics on the skin, which is very helpful information for any dancer or athlete shopping for an outfit. Check it out – A must for any salsa dancer.