Discover New Laptop Bags For Function and Posh Styling

Let's begin with the Avion laptop bag. Discover a lady's laptop bag that is stylish and functional, and definitely a bag for women. It has intricate details such as the zipper pulls in the shape of the letter "P" and the features are set apart from other laptop bags for women. You'll love how these features make it distinct and appealing, and it comes in dimensions that are 12 "x 14". It also carries on your back easily and comfortably. Ladies, if you like pink suede, this is a wonderful bag called the Komen Pink Suede Notebook Tote. It is distinctly feminine and functional for women on the go. In addition to its stylish design, it serves many purposes as well. The company that produces this laptop bag gives a generous portion to cancer charity- – the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. The Madison Tote was designed for women by women. Ladies, I'm sure you've heard all the jokes about how much "stuff" women carry in their purses. In the Madison tote, there is plenty of room to keep all of your mobile gear and gadgets as well as keeping them secure along with all your other necessities of life. It measures 18 "x 15" x 5 ".

Now, here's a bag that is not your average laptop bag. It's called the Lexie Barnes Echo 13 Bali Hai which is a nicely designed laptop bag that looks more like an oversized shoulder bag. Constructed from water resistant fabric, it has a dual closing zipper that makes it easy to get your laptop out. You can carry your Mac book in this, as well. You're going to find the computer compartment is padded and the accessory pockets are quite discreet. There are two outer pockets, one for files and the other for power cords and accessories. It measures 13.5 "x 10" x 1.5 "and weighs only 1.3 pounds The Sienna Messenger Style Laptop Bag will definitely appeal to those who look for a" girly "laptop bag. brocade exterior that is sure to appeal to almost any taste. heavy laptop It measures 15.7 inches long by 12.7 inches high and 3.9 inches wide.

The Moonsus Allure 12 "Computer Bag looks more like an older-style purse than a laptop bag.It measures 15.5" x 12 "x 3.5" and will carry laptops that are 12 "x 9" x 2. "Complete with European grained- leather trim, your notebook will be protected in a padded computer sleeve and you will have room for all your accessories, as well. If you're looking for something that offers more than meets the eye, then you simply must have a look at the Clava Laptop Tote. It's great looking and can fit larger laptops, and as well has the ability to fit all of your accessories and files. fully lined and has padded shoulder straps. The Latico Convertible Laptop Bag is a laptop case for women who want the option of carrying a backpack or carrying a laptop case with a shoulder bag. for additional mobile gear . Complete with a flap opening and pocket for paperwork or tickets on the exterior of the flap, it measures 16 "x 4" x 11.5 "The Targus Elegant Leather Tote will fit your wide screen up to 15 -inch displays. It weighs only 2.94 pounds and is a top Loading Style with a lined and padded interior Its handles are wide and easy on your shoulders. It measures 17 "x 4.25" x 13 ". Lastly, you have the Slappa HardBody Pro Fliptop Case for Laptop, is a sturdy case that protects your laptop and other mobile gear. It has a hard body case and will fit 15-inch laptops and keep them secure. It comes with plenty of room for storing smaller gadgets and gear. Complete with all but inner lining, it also includes a portable mouse pad. The case dimensions are 15 inches wide by 13 inches high by 4 inches deep.

If you're a busy professional on the road nothing makes more of a fashion statement than neat new breakthrough designs in women's laptop carrying bags.