Choosing Intimate Clothing – Know Your Limits

When looking for a corset one factor which must be taken into account is your personal comfort level. Some women are extremely comfortable with their bodies and have no problem showing a lot off. For these women there are not as many lingerie selections as one might suspect. Other women prefer a more conservative type of lingerie which offers them the ability to look sexy without showing off too much.

The corset is often a great option for many women. It has the ability to exemplify a women’s natural beauty by offering a natural slimming effect and a natural lift to the front bust. The level of sexiness which applies to each individual corset is determined by how much the corset reveals and how much it exemplifies the women’s natural beauty through the use of boning and slimming techniques.

For the woman comfortable with her body and who likes to be looked at, the Kitty Corset by Allure for instance is a corset which is designed for a woman who is extremely comfortable with her body and has no problem showing it off. The entire corset is made using a rubber like vinyl material and colored in an extremely vibrant hot pink which is sure to impress.

The top is open, which means it leaves your breasts exposed. This gives you the chance to to show off your great chest and neck. The upper half of the corset uses boning which is designed to support your breasts, giving them the natural lift that you desire, despite the fact that they are left exposed giving you the look you desire.

The entire design is based around comfort and ease of use. To achieve this goal the hooks are placed on the front which makes them incredibly easy to access. For the wearer, this means that the Kitty Corset is both easy to put on and easy to take off. On the back black strings are available. Theses strings can be tightened allowing you to achieve the maximum slimming effect possible while wearing the Kitty Corset.

Many corsets come with a g-string which is sure to add to the overall effect of an extremely sexy corset. It can be hot pink and designed for minimum coverage with maximum comfort. The G-String is made using an extremely comfortable material and designed to be comfortable to wear.

Some women are uncomfortable with the idea of wearing a g-string. For women who find this type of underwear uncomfortable the g-string can be replaced using a thong, bikini cut panties or boy shorts. It is simply a matter of finding a pair of underwear which you are comfortable with which matches the corset. Black and hot pink are great color options for anyone taking this route.

Several corset styles, and the Kitty Corset is one of them, also comes standard with detachable garters. Garters are not only functional because they help to hold up those sexy thigh highs which can complete this outfit but they also add to the wow factor which the Kitty Corset has. By simply adding an elegant pair of thigh highs and the included garters the outfit can be elevated to being an incredibly sexy outfit.