Use Comfrey For Making Liquid Organic Garden Fertilizer


Comfrey is a perennial herb plant with hairy broad leaves, which grows well in damp and grassy areas. It is a plant that has earned recognition from both herbalists as well as farmers as an organic garden fertilizer. It is a very useful plant which has been popularized for the versatility that the plant has shown.

The use of comfrey for organic farming has gained popularity, due to the fact that it is a very fast growing plant. Its ability to recover is almost legendary, and the plant lends itself well to prorogation through cuttings. As the plant produces a huge amount of leaf it allows shearing of its leaves every five to six weeks. This is a nitrogen rich plant which gets all its nutrients from the soil.

To make compost of the leaves of comfrey, a bin with an opening at the bottom is used to allow draining or removal as required. The leaves are best harvested before the plant flowers, and also before the leaves become old and worn, as at this stage it may have developed infections. After filling the bin with the leaves, some weight has to be placed on top, so that it is pushed downwards. Something simple like a brick or a wooden log can be used for this purpose.

As fresh comfrey contains more nitrogen than even manure, soon find black liquid smelling of ammonia will collect at the base of the bin. It is necessary to drain off this liquid to a collecting bottle or container and dilute it with water. Normally it should be possible to dilute this collected solution by about twenty times its measure. This solution can then be used as liquid fertilizer in the garden.

The liquid which is basically an NPK (Sodium, Phosphorous, and Potassium) mixture can be used as a liquid spray on plants. As the liquid is a very potent and strong, it should be used only after dilution. Ideal for being commercially sold as liquid organic garden fertilizer. It can be packed into suitable containers for easy transportation and use.