Pedal Toys and Safety – 7 Things Every Parent Must Do to Keep Your Child Safe

It's that time of year again. The weather is getting warmer and the kids are moving outdoors to play. They've been cooped up inside all winter and can not wait to take their playtime outside.

One sure sign of spring is when the parents start dragging the bikes, tricycles and pedal toys out of the garage. It's a kick to see all the kids out peddling around and meeting up on the sidewalks and street corners on their various vehicles, but it's also a time for parents to remember to use common sense and keep their kids safe.

Obviously you can not expect every situation that could cause an accident and injury to your child while they're riding around the block on their pedal toys, but here are 7 common sense safety tips every parent must do to create a safe and enjoyable riding experience for their kids.

Many of these may seem obvious and obvious, but most accidents involving children would never have occurred if parents had just slowed down a little and taken the time to remind them of these important safety tips. We all get in a hurry and distracted once in a while. It just takes a few extra minutes to slow ourselves down long enough put these must do pedal toy safety rules into action.

1) Never leave your children unattended while they are riding the pedal toys.

2) Children should always wear shoes when they are riding pedal toys of any kind. There are just way too many ways for kids to hurt and mangle their feet if they're bare when they're riding these kids vehicles.

3) In addition to wearing shoes, parents need to double check that any shoes with laces are securely tied and knotted. Lose and untied shoelaces that can get used in pedals, wheels, and spokes resulting in accidents. The same thing applies to lose clothing. Make sure that
your children are not wearing anything that could get cooked in the pedals.

4) Ride on toys and pedal toys should not be ridden (used) on hills or any kind of incline, or in thoroughfares. Additionally, children should not be riding these vehicles near or around swimming pools or lakes.

5) Insist that your children wear helmets while riding their bicycles, tricycles and any other pedal toys. Kids hate these things. "They're nerdy" … "they're dumb" … "they're weird" … "they hurt" … "they're uncomfortable" … all great resistance responses youll get from the kiddos to get you to give in and let them go without the helmets. Do not relent and give into your kids on this one. Mad children are much better than injured children. They'll get over it!

6) Single use only. Doubling up more than one child on any kids ride on toy that's meant for single use can be very dangerous. Yes, it's fun to pedal around with your friends on your handlebars and seats. There's lots of giggles and laughs for the kids, until the time comes that someone gets hurt.

7) Every three months or so, parents need to inspect the pedals, steering wheels, wheels, handles, etc. of their child's vehicle to make sure nothing is loose or out of alignment.