Bathroom Shower Ideas – 3 Important Tips Before Choosing Your New Shower

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The bathroom shower is the crown jewel of any bathroom. It’s the place we come to relax after a hard day’s work, or to start the day with a gentle urging to wake up. For most people, taking a shower is something far more than an exercise of necessity. It is a place of sanctuary and relaxation, and it warrants all the attention of a professional when upgrading from an old shower to a new one. Because your new shower is such an important investment, it’s necessary to start the process with a clear understanding of what you have to work with. The first thing to consider is the amount of space and budget available for your project. Here are three different shower types to consider before you set off on your new renovation.

1) Showers for Small Bathrooms

When dealing with a small bathroom you may think that your options are limited, but this isn’t necessarily true. There are several options available even when working within a confined space. The first option is the curved quadrant shower which is often times the smallest shower design on the market. This shower is surprisingly functional and elegant, especially if paired with other scaled down amenities such as small toilets and sinks.

The second option is a recessed shower. This is a shower which is built into the wall so that it doesn’t take away from the actual space of the bathroom. Another option that many homeowners overlook are curved shower curtain rods. If you have no other choice than to have a bathtub in your small bathroom, a curved rod can make a shower about twenty five percent larger without taking up any additional space.

2) Showers for large bathrooms

If you’re one of the lucky home owners that owns a large bathroom, your options are essentially unlimited. Owners of small bathrooms may have to forgo the luxury of having a shower and a bath. But for larger bathrooms, you can have both. You can have a shower that is designated just for showering, and a bath for those relaxing occasions when you want nothing more than to just sit back and unwind.

3) Luxury showers for big bathrooms

If your bathroom is quite large, and you want what’s called a “luxury shower,” there are many choices available. Luxury shower enclosures can be placed in any large corner and they offer sizes and options that speak to their name. They are designed with elegant aluminum frames, curved pivot doors, and they can be upgraded with dual shower heads, steam units, music players, massage jets, TVs, and even mood lighting. The options for these types of showers are all but limitless.

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