Creating An Indoor Herb Garden

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Creating an indoor herb garden is quite an easy task as herbs are inexpensive plants that are easy to maintain and are undemanding. An indoor herb garden can be termed as an introductory course for any beginner to the art of gardening.

Depending on their use, herbs can be classified into culinary herbs, medicinal herbs and aromatic herbs. Culinary herbs include basil, rosemary, parsley and oregano. These herbs are used to add spice and flavor in food. Medicinal herbs include plants like echinacea, valerian, hypericum, gingko and garlic that are widely used in medicinal preparations. Oils from plants like lavender, rose, mint and basil are used for aromatherapies. Most of these plants are not suitable for an indoor herb garden as it is difficult to extract the medicinal parts of the plant. Ornamental herbs are those that are grown to enhance the beauty of homes.

You can start with herbs like oregano, rosemary, garlic chives, mint and thyme. You can either buy these plants at a garden center or can use stem cuttings. Containers are useful for growing herbs at home as these are easy to carry and are convenient for adjusting soil mixtures. These containers are available in different colors, so creating an added attraction. You can also start an indoor herb garden from the seed level. Heavy clay or terra cotta pots are preferred as these pots facilitate good circulation of air and water.

You can have a beautiful indoor herb garden if you follow certain tips. Soilless mixture of vermiculite, peat and perlite ensures proper growth of seeds and seedlings. Keeping pots in the southern or western window ensures proper sunlight and air. Soil in the containers and pots should be moist but not damp. Pots should be kept in shady regions during summers. Humidity around indoor plants can be increased if they are grouped together.

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