Win Your Ex Back Without Playing Childish Head Games

After you’ve been dumped there are lots of theories about how to win your ex back. The vast majority of them include playing childish head games with your ex. They neglect to tell you that when you mess with another person’s head just to win them back, you’re in uncertain territory for creating a solid relationship that will endure the test of time after you’ve gotten back together. This article shares with you the ‘no games’ way of winning your ex back.

When you two were dating each other, you got dozens of texts everyday. Now your phone isn’t buzzing at all. Make sure you don’t overdo it, but you can call your ex about once a week just to ‘see how they’re doing’. This will keep the door for reconciliation open to you.

Be sure not to miss the important days, like their birthday. It wouldn’t hurt to send a card or a small gift either. These things keep you on the mind of your ex when you trying to win them back.

Use email to keep in touch. If you run across a story or some information that your ex would be interested in, send it along with a short note. If you send emails to a group with a particular interest, include your ex on the list, too. Try not to do this too often. You don’t want to be viewed as a nuisance.

Don’t play the ‘make your ex jealous’ game. If you’re serious about winning your ex back, don’t date other people and definitely don’t sleep with anyone else. Some advice says that you can flirt with your ex’s friends or other people where your ex can see you. That might work initially in getting your ex back, but it won’t help you if you’re trying to stay together for a long time.

Try not to be jealous when/if you see her dating someone else. If your ex is the one who called it quits, they’re entitled to check out some other offers. Since you want to get them back, you don’t want to do that. You must display a singleness of heart. Use the information about the types of people your ex is dating to work in your favor. You might see that your ex is interested in something that you’re not being. Your ex might want a trendy dresser who has ‘off-standard’ interests. If you dress more for comfort than for style, you may not be offering what your ex interested in.

Or if you’re the ESPN type who likes wings and beer but she’s dating more creative people, like artists, musicians, or poets, you might need to expand your interests and see what the other worlds have to offer in order to win your ex back.

Take some time to analyze your ex. Their actions are speaking. Now that your emotions and feelings aren’t involved, you should be able to see things clearer. Try to ascertain what your ex wants in a mate. Read into what they’re saying and what they’re not saying.

Don’t do things to shift the power away from you too much. Spilling out your heart to your ex gives them all of the power then they’re in the position to dictate the future. Let your ex know that you want them back. Make that plain, but don’t put all of your cards out there. You need to keep your own power for when you re-connect. If your ex has it all then they’ll keep it after you get back together.

While you are apart from your ex, work on you. Work on your mind as well as your body. Go to the gym regularly and consider updating your overall look – perhaps with a new haircut and some fresh duds. Spend time working on improving yourself. Changing in these different areas will catch your ex’s attention in a positive manner.

The crux of this entire article, is that you can seek to win your ex back by playing childish head games or you can spend that energy trying to fix the problems that were in your relationship. Working on the problems will build a solid foundation for your future. Whether you get your ex back or not you’ll be a better person.