Punching Bag Workouts – 3 Secrets to Get Great Results

Have you bought a punching bag and boxing gloves to workout at home? Now you’ve the gear it’s time to learn to how to use it, for maximum results. Are you ready for the secrets of a great Fitness Boxing workout?

To get a great workout on a Punching Bag there are three secrets you absolutely need to know.

Secret #1 is Boxing Basics.

Secret #2 is Combinations (or combos).

Secret #3 is use A Format.

Secret #1 – Boxing Basics: To get a great cardio workout you are going to need a “fighting stance” and some basic punches. Your fighting stance should be left foot forward, feet shoulder width apart and fists up nice and high, near your face. Get on the balls of your feet and do what the great man said. Float like a butterfly.

If you are left hander (southpaw), switch stance so you are right foot forward.

The Jab. Lead with your jab and follow with your cross. Push off the back foot, look along your arm like you are lining up a gun and corkscrew the fist so you strike with the front two knuckles.

The Cross.Twist the right foot on the ground like you are putting out a cigarette with the ball of your foot, so your right toe points to your target. This activates your core, which is like your hammer. Your arm is like the nail. The power comes from your core. If you get this, you’re half way there.

Secret #2 – Combinations: Now you need some Combos. Why? Because the more punches you throw the fitter you’ll get. That’s why it’s better to throw “punches in bunches” than just one offs. However some Combos work better than others. Keep it simple. Here are a few Combos to get you started. I call them Bronze level.

LR (that’s left jab, right cross)

LLR (double jab, cross)

LRL (jab, cross, jab).

Once you’ve mastered those, try these:

LRLR (left jab, right cross, left jab, right cross)

LLRL (double jab, right cross, left jab)

LL,Rlow (double jab, low Right Cross)

Remember we are just getting started here – so the jab and the cross are enough punches for now. The more advanced hooks and uppercuts can be added later.

Secret #3 – Use A Format: The best format is to follow is “rounds”. Swimmers swim laps, body builders do sets and boxers train in rounds. The great thing about rounds is you can adjust them to suit your fitness level – both the number of them, how long they go for and the rest period.

Here are some guidelines to get started:

Unfit: Do one minute rounds with one minute rests. Do 2-3 rounds in total.

Moderately fit: Do 2 minute rounds with either one minute or 30 second rests. Do 3-4 rounds in total.

Fit: 3 minute rounds with 30 second rests. Do 4-6 rounds in total.

So glove up and use a kitchen timer or stopwatch. Choose 2 combos per round. Do each one non stop for half the round then switch to the second combo. Work first on form (technique) then speed and power.

May you Get Fighting Fit!