Diaper Bag Styles For The New Millenium Mom

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The new moms of the new millennium are not the same as the moms twenty years ago. More and more moms are choosing to keep their sense of style and independence after their babies are born. The moms of yesteryear relished in the fact of giving up their style for pink teddy bears and blue train themed diaper bags and baby essentials. This is certainly a trend of the past. The moms of the new millennium realize they can have it all. Style trends that used to dominate the fashion world have crept into the ever-growing world of baby essentials. Baby gifts are becoming more hip and trendy. Burp cloths feature elegant monograms and fabulous prints that are seen on the fashion runways.

Diaper bag manufactures understand that mom is celebrating her style but that she also needs functional products. Let's face it, babies are messy, unpredictable and need many baby care items. So moms need something fabulous, as well as functional to keep up with today's hectic lifestyle. Diaper bag companies such as Posh By Tori are dedicated to helping moms reach a balance between her individual style while still embracing her new role as a mother. They offer the most beautiful designs, styles and fabrics of diaper bags available on the market. Styles such as the contrasting truffles diaper bag give a young, hip, mom the style she craves with all of the room and accessories she needs for her growing baby. The Posh by Tori manufactures also are aware that not all women's needs are the same. They have developed a fabulous line of diaper bags in different fabric styles, each with different size options. The medium Chocolove tote is small enough to carry as a handbag or diaper bag, while the large tote works great as a diaper bag for longer trips with baby. With many patterns and sizes available, mothers are sure to find a diaper bag that fits their ever changing needs. The hottest Posh by Tori diaper bag for this season is the Lime Moroccan Diaper Bag Tote. The beautiful brocade silk fabric on this diaper bag is stunning enough to use as an evening bag when baby is with a sitter!

A huge trend in diaper bags this year is the ever popular monogrammed diaper bag or personalized diaper bag. Moms are picking out beautiful bags and adding an extra special touch. They are personalizing their diaper bags with either their initial of full name. The results are stunning. A plain black bag with a beautiful hot pink letter can make a unique diaper bag that is sure to be one-of-a-kind. Companies such as Brown Eyed Baby Boutique are creating these designer diaper bags for moms across the country.

Another diaper bag manufacturer that is taking the heed of the needs of new millennium moms is Oi Oi diaper bags. This Australian born company has its finger on the pulse of diaper bag fashion! Their color choices and bag prints are modern, fun and sophisticated. They have just released their new diaper bags for the season. They have been hot! hot! hot! The Oriental Posies Hobo Diaper Bag has been a huge seller this season. The contrasting black, white and red fabric prints are a perfect mixture between modern and classic styling. They have also introduced a wipe case that comes with the new designs.

Because new moms are willing to pay a little extra to purchase a diaper bag that is beautiful, functional and durable, companies such as Oi Oi diaper bags and Posh by Tori diaper bags are going to continue to manufacture more and more beautiful products for moms. This fashion trend is one we hope does not go to the way side. We think it is time mothers are celebrated for keeping their sense of self during this special time in their lives.