Feeling Unlucky? Get a Charmed Life


If you've felt doomed in life or love la la la, it could not hurt to add good fortune through the help of a charm bracelet or necklace. When you're feeling kicked in the stomach, the magic of charms could not hurt you, and it may just help you get your life back on track.

If you're looking to refocus on your personal faith, there are plenty of options. You can outfit a plain base bracelet with an angel, golden cross, yin-yang symbol, gold Star of David, or Buddha. Your special charm will remind you that there is more to this world than your earthly problems and will help you to go on.

If you feel empowered by the mythological associations with animals, there are plenty of charm choices for you. Some believe that butterflies represent transformation, and such a trinket may just remind you that you too can mutate at any junction in life. If you prefer to have a little laugh at your own misfortune, you may opt for a Chicken Little charm. After all, the sky is not really falling, even if it may feel sometimes like your world is crashing down on you.

In the film Under the Tuscan Sun, we were reminded that lady bugs are good omens. If you want wisdom on your side, an owl would be ideal. Scarabs have long been reverted since ancient Egyptian times and represent the ultimate transformation and renewal. Others appreciate the sentiment of the dolphin. The ancient Greeks believed that glimpsing a dolphin while sailing was always a good portent.

Both men and women can wear certain androgynous charms like their zodiac symbols. By paying tribute to your birth date and zodiac sign, you're reinforcing the notification that you have inherent strengths and weaknesses associated with your birth month. Although you may have only felt your limitations in recent months or years, it's important to remember that we all have natural strengths to call upon. A zodiac charm can be a reminder of your inherent inner power.

A charm bracelet can bring you a visible reminder of your quest to transform and enhance your bad luck. Although some people find good luck charms to be superstitious, others believe that they are useful to wish upon. If you're one of those people who need a visual cue to get you out of repetitious negative thinking, then keepsake charms may be just the right kind of help for you.