How To Grab A Free Medal Of Honor Game Copy


Fast paced gamers, you need to shift your focus to the upcoming new gaming experience, another addition to the Medal of Honor series. For all those who have waited this long, you have to wait for another few days as the latest version of this exciting game will hit the market stores from mid October, or rather October 12th to be precise. The game has many options and allows the scope for both single and multiple player space. It is a shooting game based on military planning and strategy. In the single player option, the player has to play as a soldier of the US Army or a gunner from an Apache helicopter. The game is judged on the play time and the efficiency of the player in winning each battle. Are you feeling excited yet?

Medal of Honor is very realistic and is strikingly similar to the US military. EA Games has consciously made the game play a lot more realistic to make this latest edition a complete success among both hardcore gamers and adventure gamers. The objectives set in the game are similar to real life situations, like raiding terrorist's spots and dismounting their hideouts, rescue operations conducted on the hostages and several other undercover operations. The single player has the liberty to include several war related vehicles like a helicopter, tanks, quad bikes and jeeps. Do not you think this game is going to be the next big thing in the field of strategy games? Would you like a free Medal of Honor copy just for sharing your opinions?

If you are smart, you can get a free Medal of Honor game pack for Xbox or PS3. Just fill out a few surveys which are easily accessible on the internet, and then fill in your views regarding the product. The gaming manufacturers will be more than happy to provide you with an absolutely free edition of this amazing game. So, are you feeling happy about this opportunity of playing Medal of Honor for free?