Dress Up Your Bathroom with a New Vanity

Adding a new bathroom vanity in your home is a great way to update the look and feel of your bathroom. A bathroom vanity can include several things; it can consist of bath furniture, bathroom faucets, basins and mirrors. There are several popular designs that you can choose for your new bathroom vanity.

Ideally, a bathroom vanity should reflect the overall style of your bathroom. When you are choosing a new bathroom vanity, keep the colors, style and size of your bathroom in mind. A large cabinet style bathroom vanity will overwhelm a small powder room, and a metal and glass bathroom vanity will look out of place in a Victorian style home. Also, keep in mind your storage needs when you pick a bathroom vanity. If you need to have room to store toilets in the bathroom vanity, choosing a cabinet style will help increase your storage space. If storage space is not an issue, look for a pedestal style bathroom vanity.

A custom stone bathroom vanity will bring a sense of class and elegance to your bathroom. The blend of strength and beauty that comes with this type of bathroom vanity will give your bathroom a classic style. One of the benefits of having a custom stone bathroom vanity is that your bathroom vanity will be as beautiful in 10 years as it is when you purchase it.

A historically styled bathroom vanity gives the perfect touch a to vintage or Victorian home. This type of bathroom vanity creates a charming historic look by using inset doors, wood knobs and wood latches. Most historic bathroom vanities are hand made and are completely unique to your bathroom.

Some people prefer to go with a high tech bathroom vanity. Modern design elements such as stainless steel, frosted glass and chrome accents make high tech bathroom vanities perfect for contemporary bathroom design.

Bathroom vanities come in a wide variety of styles. With consideration for your personal style and the aesthetic of the bathroom, you can choose a bathroom vanity that fits your space perfectly.