Life With Pets, Pet Portraits

Everyone has photos of their pets after all they become part of the family to the point of taking on the role of a child.

We start going on shopping sprees for “basic items” and usually get to the counter and when the total amount comes up, the blood drains from our faces and its one of those “Oops I overspent” then we tell ourselves that he or she’s worth it.

We love our pets and they give us unconditional love and affection, They don’t care about if we’re unemployed or a CEO of a company, live on the streets or a million dollar mansion, gay or straight, what colour our skin is or how crap our day went.

Unlike photos that can fade, be blurred or something else in the photo can distract the person looking at our pet, a pet portrait will be only focused on your pet. It can be so realistic that you can feel the fur and especially in portraits of cats the eyes will follow the person around the room.

In the case of when the pet dies which is heartbreaking a portrait of the pet that you have just lost can be a memento of how your pet was, the strange but unique way he or she looked, the way the fur lay that strange way and would never sit the way you wanted it to.

It a personal way of remembering your pet and will bring back memories and emotions and through the emotions you learn how to smile again.

We all buy art of some description, it brightens up our walls, gives our homes a unique, personal individual touch that says to visitors what inspires us, what kind of person we are, our likes and dislikes.

How many homes have we gone into and looked around their pictures and photos on their walls and tables. Its a conversation starting point and an insight into other peoples lives.

If we have portraits our our kids and our pets that we adore are like our kids then why don’t we have portrait of our pets after all they are like our kids and part of the family and at times we would get rid of our partners before we would get rid of our pet.