Safe and Easy Ways to Do Your Own Poodle Grooming

Everybody loves a poodle, however many despise the intricacies that go along with poodle grooming. But accomplishing this task is not really as tough as it seems and there are simple steps that you can follow in order to maintain healthy and pleasant grooming habits that will make you love your poodle even more.

If you are not inclined into going through all the trouble of personally doing the brushing, trimming, or clipping for your poodle, you can always hire a professional poodle grooming service. There are a lot of them out there that are willing to cater to your poodle's specific needs. However, if you are low on budget or just simply want to save money, all you need is to take note of the following in order the achieve great results.

The first thing you must ensure is that you have good quality equipment and tools that will aid you in doing this. Although investing on some tools like clipper and blades, scissors, brushes and combs, and nail clippers may be costly at the start, you will be able to cut on possible expenses of having to regularly hire a professional service to care for your pets. Also, using good quality equipments can help ensure that no harm will be done on your pets.

Now that you have your equipment ready, decide on what kind of trim to give your poodle. There are a lot of popular trims but we will stick with the basics here. First is the Continental Trim wherein the rest of the body is left with a full coat, while the face, feet, legs and tail are shaved off, and leaving bracelets on the hind legs. Plus, there are adorable puffs on the front legs, with a cute pompon at the tail's end.

Next is the English saddle trim wherein there is a short blanket of hair on the dog's hindquarters and each hind leg has two shaved bands. As with the Continental trim, the rest of the body is covered with coat. Lastly, there's the Puppy Trim wherein the face, feet and base of tail are shaved. The hairs are leased by carefully scissoring the hair.

When it comes to bathing your poodle, you have to rinse the hair very well because the failure to do so will cause the hair to get really dry. And worse, it could also cause skin irritation on the dog. And make sure to regularly bathe your dogs within two to three weeks, but if they get really dirty then you have to do it more often.

Regularly cleaning your poodles' ears is necessary because this might be a source of bacteria and infection. Whenever you set out to groom your pets, make sure to include ear cleansing in their grooming routine. And because poodle typically have thick hair or fur, it is important to consistently brush them with long flexible steel pins. Be careful in scratching your dog's skin as you do the brushing, so it's important that you choose the right kind of brush to be used for your dog.

The responsibility of taking care and looking after your pet is supposed to be the pet owners themselves. Therefore it requires patience and willingness in order to become proficient at doing it. However, poodle grooming reaps major benefits not only in terms of creating a perfect well-being for your dogs but also in developing a closer relationship between pet and its owner.