Make a Homemade Gypsy Costume For Halloween

So you want to make a gypsy costume for Halloween this year. The gypsy is a fun and colorful costume, one that you can add a lot of flair to. And what better time of year to add flair than Halloween.

Be creative when you are designing this quick easy homemade costume. You can make a unique costume with this fun theme. You can be the beautiful exotic gypsy dancer or the old gypsy fortune teller. The older gypsy is almost a witch looking character, while the younger version is seen as less dangerous and more exotic. One thing we do know about gypsies and that is their innate sense of freedom. And these nomadic people have a zest for life… the live it with gusto. And your homemade gypsy costume should reflect that so make sure it is brightly colored and unrestricted. Use a long flowing skirt, one with layers. Or layer two skirts and hike one up so it looks layered. Add lots of bangles and gold chains to add to your look.

Make up on a gypsy is focused around the eyes. Use dark liner and lots of colorful eye shadow, make your eyes tell a story when you apply this makeup. It will be fun and you can use some glitter makeup to give yourself a more dramatic look.

As props you can use a crystal ball… which can really be a clear bouncy ball filled with sparkles or you can carry some tarot cards. Gypsies are famous for their fortune telling skills which include crystal ball reading, tarot card reading and tea leaf reading. So add something of this nature to help complete that gypsy look for your unique homemade costume.

The gypsies are also famous for their love of music so you can add a guitar or a tambourine to your outfit for a little more realism. Remember when you are making this easy costume to have fun and embrace the gypsies love for color and fun to give it a special flair.

If you are looking for an easy costume to make with materials you already have at home, the homemade gypsy costume is perfect for you. It can be a fun experience to make a costume with your kids so be sure to include them when you make this fun Halloween project.