5 Tips For Choosing a Laptop Computer


Laptop computers are becoming popular for everything from checking your emails and reading your favorite feeds to replacing desktop computers around the home and office. They are more powerful than ever and are capable of almost anything a high end desktop computer can do.

# 1 – Before you purchase a laptop consider generally what your need from your laptop and what you will use it for. For example, a lightweight business laptop for checking emails and contacting clients. If you only need a computer for a few simple tasks do not forget to check out the latest netbooks (small laptops)

# 2 – Once you have considered what you will generally need you can start to consider specifics such as CPU, memory (RAM), hard disk size, wireless connection, optical drive (DVD, blu ray), screen size, weight etc.

# 3 – Once you have decided these things you can choose a couple of brands and models to research further. Popular brands include; Toshiba, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer and Asus. Use the Internet to research models that will suit your needs and create a short list of notebook computers.

# 4 – Use online price comparison sites and visit local stores to compare prices an find the best deal. When you visit the local store try to have a test run of a few different models on your list. Most quality stores will allow you to try their laptops. Once you have decided try to ask the salesperson for their very best deal to knock the price down.

# 5 – You can save extra money by purchasing floor stock or out of date model laptops. There are also savings to be had by purchasing second hand notebooks.

Buying a laptop does not have to be scary. Following these simple tips will help you choose your new laptop computer that will suit your needs and perform all the tasks you need it to.