Rope Light

Rope lights, as the name suggests, refer to an assortment of lights, which are manufactured in long tubes that resemble routes. This design is very different from individual light fixtures used in households. In most cases, a rope light is available in a transparent or colored flexible PVC tube. These tubes combine a number of 1/2-watt micro-bulbs, which are placed about an inch from each other.

These minute bulbs usually do not require repair or maintenance. They are designed in a manner, wherein the tiny bulbs do not need replacement. This is attributed to the fact that a majority of these lights are guaranteed to last about 25,000 hours before they malfunction. The1 / 2-watt micro-bulbs consume very little electricity.

Most rope light sets composer of a 30 to 50 foot twirl of lights, an electric cord connector and numerous clips and fasteners to help secure the lights. People may buy even buy these components in individual parts according to the need. These lights are available in varying lengths and may be as long as 150 feet.

Rope lights can be fitted in just about any place. These include shelves, bookcases and cabinets, alters and around doors and windows. The demand for these lights is usually high during festive seasons. At such times, they can be used to decorate Christmas trees, ceilings, staircase railroads and rooftops. Rope lights are perfect for lighting paths and safety lighting for staircases leading to people's houses.

A person may avail of a range of single colored tubes or combinations from the market to complement the house decor. Rope light varieties are available in continuous illumination, flicker at different rates and chase sequence types. The lights do not heat excessively unlike other bulbs and do not cause burns. Rope lights range in power from 12 volt to 120 volts. These beautiful decorative items are the perfect way to 'lighten up' any occasion, whether indoors or outdoors.