Disney Channel Auditions – What Do You Have to Do to Get One? Part I

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Here are some things to consider with regard to getting Disney Channel Auditions

Do You Have Skills and Talents Other Than Just Acting?

You should know that a lot of Disney performers have skills that are not limited just to acting. They can also sing and dance and often lend their voices to animated characters. There are specific agents that look after these areas and sometimes in the future of your acting career you may want to consider having separate agents if you want to work in more than one field.

Is All This Really Necessary?

You will find people who will tell you that it is not necessary to do 'all that' and if you do, guess what? They will be right. Anything is possible, But having those skills can dramatically increase your chances for success. Have skills other than just being able to act also widens your range of possibilities to get work. You automatically make yourself available for more types of jobs. Look at Zack Efron for example. He sings, acts and can dance!

It's About More Than Just The Look

What I have found is that many youngsters are simply on being good looking or even beautiful. Those who fit into that category should realize that there are so many good looking kids out there and that if they really want to have a chance at getting Disney Channel auditions, because of the intense amount competition, it is really necessary to do something to set themselves apart from the rest of the crowd.

What Agents Want

But first, remember that when you are looking for an agent that you will have a better chance of getting signed if you have a headhot and professional actor resume and have taken some classes or participated in on-going training. What's even better is if you are training in a reputable school and / or acting teacher. You can increase those chances even more if you have some experience performing. All of this shows you have at least some experience in the field that you are hoping to break into and that you are serious.

Do You Have Stars In Your Eyes Or Are You Serious?

Casting managers and agents know that there are so many kids and even adults with 'stars in their eyes' and the dream of becoming famous who are not even willing to do the basic work that is necessary to get started. They just want to be discovered. People like that will not go very far and those casting managers and agents do not want to work with people like that. If you really want it, then you have to be willing to work for it! Remember it's not about being discovered, it's about working hard to position yourself to be discovered.

How Can You Prepare?

You could take private singing lessons, join your local youth theater group, drama club at school or even work as an extra to get experience in a professional environment. These are all ways of giving yourself necessary exposure and gaining experience. Just keep in mind that when you do meet with an agent you should always take a parent or guardian with you and you should never be expected to give them any money up front. Agents take a cut from what you earn so they do not get any money until you do.

Stay tuned from more articles about Disney casting calls and general information about how to start an acting career.

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