Learning with Wooden Toys

There are many different types of children's toys that are designed for learning. Modern learning toys are often electronic with sounds and lights and are usually made of plastic. While these toys can be fun, there is still something to be said about classic wooden toys that both teach children and help to open up their imaginations. Years ago there were few alternatives to wooden toys and these types of toys amused and educated many small children. Wooden toys are made of durable materials, and are very safe as they usually do not contain small pieces or break easily. Wooden toys that are manufactured in recent years contain non toxic paint and will last for years. Wooden toys make great gifts and are a good investment as children for generations will be able to enjoy them.

Wooden puzzles are some of the most popular wooden toys and are suitable for all ages. Wooden puzzles are beautiful, fun, and teach children a variety of skills. They are great for teaching hand eye coordination to even the youngest children who can easily master simple cut out puzzles. For older or more advanced children, more complex wooden puzzles are available and help to develop problem solving and matching skills.

There are many other types of educational wooden toys such as sequencing beads, blocks, and shape sorting toys. These types of toys teach many skills such as spatial reasoning, hand eye coordination, matching, shape and color identification, as well as lateral thinking skills. Young children do much of their learning through play and wooden toys are a great way to teach your children valuable skills as well as keep them entertained and having fun.

There are also wooden toys that help to develop fine and gross motor skills. Toddlers and young children love to explore the world around them and practice different type of motor skills. Picking up objects, pounding things, using simple tools, and manipulating toys are all ways in which young children develop fine motor skills. Wooden toys give many opportunities for children to practice these skills. Wooden blocks, beads, and shape sorting toys give children the opportunity to practice manipulating objects and help them to develop fine motor skills. Wooden pounding toys with pegs and a hammer are also a great way for children to develop fine motor skills, while having fun and sparing your other fine furniture. Wooden cars, trucks, and pull toys are great toys for developing gross motor skills. Children will get plenty of exercise pushing and pulling these toys as well as develop coordination from manipulating them.

Children of all ages can learn from wooden toys and they make great gifts for your children, grandchildren, or other young family members. Children of all ages will enjoy wooden toys; older children will enjoy the challenge of a classic wooden puzzle and even infants who can enjoy the colors and texture of wooden blocks. Wooden toys are great for any child and are very durable, lasting for many years with proper care.