Watch TV on Mobile – If You Are Wanting to Watch TV on Mobile Then This is the Information You Need

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I have been researching this subject on the internet for the past few months. I wanted to be able to watch tv on my mobile. I did not see any reason that this should not be possible as with the speed of mobile networks these days the capability is definitely there.

I was looking around on forums and blogs for any software that would allow me to achieve this. All the forums said it was not possible the only way I could do it was via an online connection and you tube but this was not how I wanted to do it. I wanted a true mobile tv service thatave me the channels I wanted to watch.

I ever found a site tv on mobile, you can find the link to this site at the end of this article, which offered over 200 channels to watch tv on mobile. The software itself cost me $ 50 which was 50% off the original price and at the time of writing this article this was only available to the next 81 customers.

I decided I had nothing to lose as the company gave me a 60 day money back guarantee if I was not happy with the service. After I downloaded the software it gave me access to over 200 channels all through my mobile phone. Over and above this I was able to watch live sporting events at no additional cost or subscription.

In summary, I am currently very happy with the service that allows me to watch TV on mobile phones and also I am allowed to install this service on 2 separate mobiles without having to buy another license for it. So really it only cost me $ 25 per mobile. If you are looking to watch TV on your mobile then this is the software that you need in order to do it. So what are you waiting for you could be watching TV on your mobile within 30 minutes from now.