Amazing Facts About Shedd Aquarium

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If you are going to visit Chicago, you got to experience visiting the icon and leader in aquarium and zoo profession – Shedd Aquarium.

Shedd aquarium was made possible by John G. Shedd wherein he envisioned it to be one of the grandest aquariums in Chicago and was officially opened on May 30, 1930, which became one of Chicago’s historic landmarks.

Shedd aquarium success lies on its founder’s leadership about shaping the future and followers incorporated by collaborative, supportive, strong, inquisitive, creative, energetic and persistent outlook.

Shedd Aquarium primary goal is to give information, inspiration and entertainment to people interested about animals, their habitat and relations to humans. They are promoting animal conservation, provides teaching and learning resources and support global environmental awareness.

Shedd Aquarium’s mission is to let animals connect people into the living world giving inspiration by starting to make a difference. They educate people in a more interesting way having stewards with dedication on caring animals and people.

Shedd Aquarium is supporting global programs regarding conservations. They are also the first aquarium to have an educational department, a textbook itself exploring life and expanding horizons about the animals in their sanctuary taught by their cool teachers within classes.

Shedd Aquarium is a sanctuary with different animal species that people could explore and learn about. They provide itineraries for visitors regarding Shedd Aquarium explorations through their site maps.

You cannot tour the entire Shedd Aquarium in just a day so instead join their membership to visit it often. Some foundations offer discount days upon visiting Shedd Aquarium giving free general admissions.

There is no problem upon visiting the Shedd Aquarium because:

– Lockers, which are coin-operated, are available for storing coats however they are not responsible for luggage or package that does not fit into the lockers.

– Picture takings of animals are allowed by only turning off the flash for comfort and safety purposes. Tripods are not allowed as well as taking pictures in restaurants and Oceanarium.

– Handicapped parking area are available but wheelchairs can be rented on a first come first basis only.

– Nursing area is also available. You can either eat at Dining at Shedd or simply carry a bag lunch where you can eat on the tables and chairs located in vending areas.

The best time to visit Shedd Aquarium is to arrive early or on Sunday mornings because it is least crowded. Shedd is a popular place and can easily get crowded during summer, weekends or holidays. Explore and have fun.

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