Does Microsoft Threaten Innovation?


Some people who are sworn anti-Microsoft Advocates claim that Microsoft Threatens Innovation. Yet Microsoft pours more money into Research and Development than almost any company on the Planet. So such a claim from Microsoft Detractors makes no sense whatever.

Microsoft Curtailing Innovation?

No it is not, innovation is threatened by weakness, if you can do better, do it, more power to you. If Microsoft fails to adapt then someone else will. If you can do better, then do it. No one is stopping you. When the FTC attacked Microsoft helping Steve Case and Company and giving a lift to AOL, what happened then? Not much, AOL was over hyped, shot up like a rocket, crashed and burned investors and over charged consumers, giving them lousy service – a lot of good that did?

Now if you buy a new computer AOL has trial software on your computer and it takes hours to get this stuff off your computer. Thanks a lot FTC? The FTC hurt consumers, they did not help them when they went after Microsoft for giving away FREE Internet Browsers. How can anyone claim that the consumer was damaged? But a lot of lawyers got rich in court attacking and defending the largest FTC Fraud on consumers in history and they attacked such a great company.

Microsoft Creates an Economic Imbalance Say Anti-Microsoft folks?

What do you mean? Look at all the start-ups, look at Google, look and see it all. Microsoft has created an entire market and expanded the pie and millions are employed as Microsoft Partners or designing add-on software for 10s of thousands of applications. It is unnerving to listen to snivelers or FTC employees who have no clue as to what Free-Market means.

Go read; "Rule Breakers and Rule Makers" and let me tell you NO ONE causes more stagnation in industry than the Regulatory Agencies of the Federal Government and that is the truth. The FTC slowed down Microsoft by 5-years and tried to steal the wind out of their sales to give it to hipsters- Lot of good that did.

The FTC stole the election from the consumers who voted with their dollars andave it to mal-contents, who could not or would not perform. That is what happened and who cares what the government claims; "We were protecting the consumers" oh BS. The FTC could not even protect them selves from Identity Theft losing data from their own computers and SPAM went up 3000% since the FTC was put in charge of it.

Microsoft is only fixing the mistakes that the government failed to fix, but promised too. I am not buying any of this from Microsoft Detractors, so you need to come clean on the reality. Read "Business at the Speed ​​of Thought" with an open mind, not with hatred. This is not some Tech Trending Futurists wishful thinking novel with an angle and a spin hyping trash. We are talking about reality, not the created reality.

And for goodness sake if the Environmentalists wish to attack Microsoft or use scare tactics of old plastic 286 IBM Clone frames on the beach littered with 5 inch floppies. I do not see those on the beaches of the world, do you? Microsoft is good for the environment, less paper work and more electronic storage means less trees to be cut down.

Microsoft and Bill Gates are a class act and their detractors are just jealous and vindictive using the media to complain, it is just a lot of sound and fury and I personally am buying none of it.