Tip – Grow Your Own Vegetables


Most people buy their vegetables from Supermarkets, but, with some organisation and thought, growing your own vegetables could be a reality. There are a lot of vegetables that can be grown at home and there is much information given out on websites and from garden centres, that can enable you to do just that.

Here are just a few thoughts to plant a seed (sorry for the pun) in your mind:

First off, you have to decide on a position for your vegetable plot. This particular area should get a minimum of six hours of sunshine, because, the more sunlight your crops get, the greater the chance of a good, healthy crop.

The type of soil that is most suitable for strong growth is rich, sandy loam. If this is a problem where you are, then you will need to add compost, both under the top layer of soil and around your plants. Preferably organic compost, as this will give long term benefits to the condition of your soil.

There are many suggestions as to the layout of your plot, here are just a few: You should make sure your plot is on level ground and you plant your rows in a north-south direction to gain the maximum sunlight. Also, ensure you leave plenty of space between the rows, so that weeding, tending and collecting are much easier to achieve.

Make sure you only use new and fresh seeds when you sow, if you don’t and you use older seeds, there is a strong chance they will not germinate properly and will give you a poor first crop. Also consider planing transplants alongside your seeds, this means that you will have crops maturing at different times and therefore fresh vegetables at an earlier time than waiting for the seedlings to mature. Don’t forget to plant different but complimentary plants in the same area, this will give you lots of different crops for your meals. You could also try setting up some raised vegetable beds, making it easier to weed and tend to, saving your back.

If possible, try to have a plot close to your house so that you are able rush out and get fresh vegetables even when it is pouring with rain. Then a second plot further away would be excellent.

Once you have decided which vegetables you would like to grow, go to a garden centre to buy your plants and seeds and at the same time, get some advice and tips on vegetable gardening from the experts there.

Happy growing.