I Do


A wedding is a very special event in a person's life. How we view our future wedding commensurate to how thirsty we are for a lifetime commitment. However, have we ever surprised what we mean if we say "I do" in our wedding? If we only had the liberty to defend and detail out our "I dos", we need a year to finish a ceremony.

To prepare before saying "I do", the need to hire a coordinator should have considered in helping you to make the moment more romantic and memorable. Minnesota wedding planners suggest a variety of options on how to sprinkle more love in the air during a quick or long wedding. Why not expanding the budget a bit wider? After all, a wedding is the beginning of your lifetime commitment. Try to add more essence to your "I dos" as you honestly prove your love and loyalty with your partner. Do not just dream of a perfect wedding, make it real and coat it with different colors and styles to celebrate the beginning of forever.

As we all know, music is generally food for the soul. It enables one to express a genuine feeling. In a wedding, it is important that all the songs must match the feelings of two people who are bound to be united as one. Secular or sacred songs matter a lot during a wedding. Some religions are strict when it comes to the songs that will be played during the ceremony. It is highly recommended that ministers should be informed a week or a month regarding the type of songs that you will incorporate during the day of the special event whether it is secular or sacred to avoid possible problems.

For some who would want to have a garden wedding, to make the moment more memorable, the time of the day matters a lot. Usually, for soon to be couples who would want to experience the breath taking experience when they say their "I dos", they prefer to have the ceremony in the afternoon between 4pm to 5pm whichever is closer to sunset. The collision between day and night adds more spices to the event.

Personalize you vows before saying it to your partner. Embrace the moment with love to make it more sincere. When you face your partner before saying "I do", look closely to your partner's eyes and let your genuine feelings of lifetime commitment speaks. Hold hands together with sincerity that your vows will be fulfilled even during the height of tides.