Manual CD Duplicators

CD duplicators are mainly separated into two types, manual CD duplicators and automatic CD duplicators. Automatic CD duplicators have robotic parts inside them. Thus one can allow a lot of the manual and supervision functionalities to be left to the unit. It is a smart system that does most of the work with minimum human intervention.

However, a manual CD duplicator needs the support of a human most of the time. It is totally dependent on human supervision. The greatest advantage of a manual CD duplicator is that it is much cheaper when compared to an automatic CD duplicator.

A manual CD duplicator is since best for a place that does not have a lot of CD duplication work. For office environments, which have less frequent CD duplication needs, one can go with a manual CD duplicator that is cheap and does most of the work required. However, even when the need is more and extended, manual CD duplicators can be used. There are manual CD duplicators that can make 10 copies at one time and at the same time operate at the maximum speed possible so giving quick and error free duplication of a CD.

Most automatic CD duplicators come with autoloaders. This makes them ideal for those companies that do not have the manpower to constantly watch over a CD duplication process. Such a duplicator does the work with minimal human interaction / supervision. Neverheless, manual CD duplicators do need periodic maintenance.

However, it is the cost factor that makes a manual CD duplicator the best CD duplicator choice for a lot of companies. A manual CD duplicator is ideal whether one wants to copy audio, data, games, software or even videos and presentations on to CDs that need to be handed out to delegates or clients.