Baby Jewelry


Words fail to describe a woman’s craze for jewelry, as it makes them look beautiful, lively and leaves an unimaginable impression. Jewelry is not considered as a mere fashion accessory for women; it’s a reflection of her personality and it depicts her preferences, style and nature. So women make sure they wear jewels and metals that suit their personality.

Jewelry is a passion for women, kids and nowadays-even men. This craze is growing day by day amongst old and young. Nowadays children’s apparel stores reflect more fashion like for example children’s jewelry for preteen girls or baby jewelry.

Babies and kids jewelries can be really fun as it involves lots of love and passion. Kids love to wear trendy jewelry and they mostly imitate their favorite celebrity. So go ahead and select jewelries that are skin friendly as kids have sensitive skin.

Baby jewelry is always considered as a quality piece and it’s often highly treasured, hence when someone purchases jewelry for babies it’s not valued in monetary terms. The sentimental value attached to that jewelry is always priceless. So design baby jewelry using gold or silver.

A classic baby jewelry item generally includes bracelets or bangles in silver or gold. When you are designing baby or kids jewelry, always make safest items like charm bracelets, pendant, beautiful crosses and stylish lightweight earrings. Jewelry made in gold and silver is always appreciated and however in these days diamonds are also preferred.

If you wish purchase something significant for the little wonders then you can try and incorporate birthstones in the designs and parents would surely love to celebrate their little ones birthday with a piece of jewelry that relates to the date of birth. Gemstones represent twelve tribes in Sharmans Cross and it’s believed to bring luck and power.

Baby jewelry should necessarily be hypo allergic and should not irritate the baby’s tender skin. Try and select tightly woven designs that are beautiful so that there is no danger of falling apart.

Kids fantasize danglers; hence design some, which are stylish and childish. You can take inspiration from their cartoon shows and design danglers with tweety, Bird Clasp Charm, Snowman and Santa Claus Charm Bracelet etc. You can open your mind and be creative and go wild with designs.

Baby jewelry can be made trendy by using beads and it’s really fun to select beads as every bead can be made into a beautiful jewelry set. Children’s clothing retailers such as Judy and Christopher Freville Baby Clothes Inc always like to wear matching jewelry for all their clothing range. This includes the accessories and beads which come in various shapes and sizes and in all rainbow colors.

While selecting baby jewelry you should be very cautious with paints that contain lead, as it could be dangerous. There are no mandatory regulations in using lead in children’s products, but it could leave the kids more prone to lead poisoning. This poisoning could later cause behavioral problems, cause seizures and decrease intelligence. Some kids jewelry could cause brain damage hence be very cautious while selecting jewelry for the little your little wonders!